Monday, June 13, 2016


    I feel as if photography has helped me see what kind of things I could come up with off of a simple phrase or idea. I have been able to explore more than I could have on my own. The biggest challenge for me this year would have to be coming up with various ideas for the same thing and not repeating what I've done in the past or what others have done. I feel like my best work is when nature is involved. I love the way colors can be manipulated and shadows are different from the average eye can see. If I got the chance I would redo the golden hour pictures because I have so many ideas of course at the end of the year but I plan to do more photography in the future and try to expand my horizons. Later on when taking pictures, I will keep in mind how colors can either make a picture better than it already is or if I should use the absence of color to create a mysterious or more serious affect. I will also take into mind the rule of thirds and how shadows play a role in every photo.

   When describing the importance of light to a non-photographer, I would try to use and example relating to them/what they do or something in an everyday life. My favorite time to photograph would be high noon or during the golden hour because of the different light opportunities. During high noon, you can get light from different angles that couldn't happen with the right idea in the morning or at night. With the golden hour, I feel like it gives this "magical" affect to it instead of just someone walking through a wheat field or a wedding in the middle of the day. A good photograph consists of good lighting, a subject that is placed or used perfectly for the format to the photograph, a good idea and the perfect timing. Without those I feel as if the photograph was just thrown together or rushed which I feel is an inefficient way to do anything. Every photographer has a different way to go about things and how they choose to take pictures and they all have their own style of focus. Like for me it's nature and downtown life but my mom does senior and newborn photoshoots. Everyone has their preference and no ones wrong with what they choose to do.